Outstanding Other Series Character Romance
(Gunmen, Marita, Fowley, Spender, CSM, etc.)

~First Place~
Christmas Traditions - by KristenK2 - 27K - PG (Kim Cook)

~Second Place~
Just a Secretary - by Xanthe - 44K - PG (Kim Cook)

~Third Place~ Tie!
Walk in Darkness, Not in Light - by Deslea Judd - 14K - R (Alex Krycek/Diana Fowley)

Climb the Highest Mountain - by Ursula - 52K - NC-17 (Kim Cook)

Honorable mentions...

Circle of Isolation - by Kelly Keil - 6K - PG (Kim Cook)

Concessions Broken - by Deslea R. Judd - 52K - R (Jeffrey Spender/Samantha)

Phantom Pain - by KristenK2 - 9K (Jeffrey Spender)

Thirty Years of Tears - by Kristen K2 - 42K - NC-17 (Kim Cook)

This Room and Everything in It - by Suture - 18K - NC-17 (Alex Krycek/Mia)